Updated: 7 Aug 2020

Although we have not been able to get together for the Summer Painting Days this year, many of you have been sketching, painting and doodling at home. It would be lovely if you shared some of the work you have created during your "summer painting at home days". Please send images to for inclusion below.

Thérèse spent all of Lockdown at her allotment, and decided to do a concertina book of life on the "Lottie" in July and continuing into August. Here are 3 pages from it.

Chap working surrounded by all his allotment paraphernalia
Assortment of allotment paraphernalia and odd signs
Chap kneeling on his allotment surrounded by water bottles and plants

Lorna has been working in a somewhat different way for the past three months, painting abstract and semi-abstract works inspired by still life and natural subjects.

Blue, green and yellow bold swirling pattern
Small figures walking on a beach with rising cliffs in abstract blue and orange
Orange radial marks with blue circles patterned around
Orange and yellow rectangles, circles and swirls on a blue background
Blue abstract trees on a river's edge
Orange and blue abstract patterns

Angus's works are a slow process, so lockdown has given him lots of extra time to complete these beautiful wildlife paintings. Widgeon ('Oooo hello!  Who are you?') and Buzzards ('Ya missed! Buzzard Territorial Tiff'). Completed just before lockdown Little White Egret (Aquadango) was a finalist in this year's David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year. Congratulations Angus.

And Mary painted some views of looking away from Barkham Church and the church, veggie box from local butchers and a couple of portraits!

Duck on water looking at the viewer
Two birds of prey doing acrobatics
White bird on a dark water background
Church buildings
Gate leading to fields
Crate of fruit and veg
Portrait of a woman in front of bookcase
Portrait of a woman with faith, love and hope earings

Sally has sent us a link to her YouTube video: Coro Sketchbook 2020

Being housebound, Mohan has been sketching the world while sitting on his couch: Ponte Vecchio, Florence; Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague; Sao Luis, Brazil; and Budapest, Hungary. Gosh didn't he travelled far and wide!

Whereas Peter has been having some fun: He saw a photo of a model on the Croquis Cafe site, eyes closed but the angle of the head looked familiar... "Sarah Lisa" he will put a train going across the bridge one day! Tai chi on the beach (painted it then had to think up a name) and The Siren an allegory on the dangers of listening to 'rock music', and a nod to Don Gio' too.

And Jane's lockdown pictures include an Aeonium seen in Barbara Hepworth's sculpture garden St Ives, and a Monotype image transfer Blue Bottles.

Crowd of people surrounded by buildings
Towering old buildings with cemetery
Brightly coloured row of houses
Cityscape view with church towers
Sitting female figure in landscape
Lady doing tai chi on the coast
Reclining female figure in caves
Succulent in a terracotta bowl
Blue glass jars and flowers

Like many of us Linda G. didn't get out to do much plein air painting this year, however here are some she was able to work on. The trees in the distance is from a pencil sketch which she worked in oils later. Liz C. sent us a some work from a sketch afternoon in Henley and the church is Hurst St Nicholas. And Andrea sent us two pictures painted during lockdown, which coincidently tie in very well with our current Museum Highlight.

Red-brick house, fields and hedgerows
Trees surrounding a church building
House nestled amongst trees
Wet bridleway leading to distant trees
Jaunty and colourful tudor building
Church and graveyard
Sketch propped against a gravestone
Blue vase with pink roses
Collection of pots and fruit on a table with mirror behind

Here are a few "staying at home" Summer Painting Days works from your host Karen. Beautiful April Tulips (painted from her garden) Last of the summer wine (a painting she started last year and "finally finished a few days ago") a pastel sketch of more tulips actually done sitting in her garden, and a border at Cliveden - started in Cliveden in the first week NT gardens were open and finished at home.

Please send us your at home sketches, paintings and doodles, or like Karen finished works you may have continued with from past painting days out. Like Amanda you could draw a flower display in a vase or collection from the garden.

Red and yellow tulips
Ladies enjoying a glass of wine
White tulips
Garden border along a wall
Basket of flowers and watering can
Flowers in a jam jar


Normally, this is what Summer Painting Days are all about:

drawing of a stormy day

A programme of days throughout the summer when we meet up to paint and draw at various venues. This year we have a mix of new and those that proved popular last year to visit.

These are an opportunity to paint and sketch with like-minded souls. You can wander off on your own or join with friends and colleagues to find the view that inspires you, or both!

We like to meet up at the end of the day and share our results, but the day is totally unstructured, mix and mingle as you want. All members and friends are welcome; there is no RGA charge. You are responsible for individual expenses such as admission fees and parking if applicable and refreshments as you require.

Please bring along your own outdoor painting and drawing equipment.
It is a good idea to bring your own refreshments.

If you are interested in coming please phone Karen on 07709895274 or Nina on 07500543256 to let them know, leave a message if there is no answer and we will get back to you with directions and meeting arrangements for the beginning of the day.

If you just want more information you can email


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