Updated: 1 Apr 2020

Following government advice to avoid all non-essential social contact, RGA activities have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. The RGA Council will keep in touch and review the situation.

To all our members, friends and supporters please take care and keep safe and well.

The Reading Guild of Artists (RGA), founded in 1930, is a diverse group of professional and amateur artists in the Berkshire area.

The RGA holds regular creative art workshops and free art exhibitions throughout the year.

Rubbing of stone carving
RGA 90 – Creative rubbing by Paul Woolley,
made from a commemorative carving
by sculptor Clive Duncan

"On Wednesday 5 March 1930 a meeting took place of those interested in matters of Art, and with the object of forming a society for the exhibition of works of Art." And so it all began, we are now in our 90th year!


Picture of the Month

April 2020
by Michael Norcross

Side image of male torso
Park Life 1 Christchurch Meadows
Oil on canvas
100 x 100cm

Painting is visual metaphor.

The painting, on first reading, is a dramatic view of man-made nature. The colours convey an early morning walk in a frosty park. The raking light and elongated shadows create a dramatic perspective which leads to the centre of the symmetrical composition.

However, the image gradually reveals more.

The compositional centrepiece – the two trees – seem to be locked into a never-ending dialogue with each other. Gesture meets rebuttal, argument is countered. Two actors in a play? Two politicians in debate? Two sports fans in a bar?

This immortal, immovable spectacle is watched impassively by an audience of silent, vertical trees in the background.

This is the power of the artist's vision; to transform the everyday into the human condition.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Steve Lloyd Davies


Museum Highlights

If you are able to get into your garden this month take inspiration from this Museum Highlight Bluebells and ferns. If you can, please send images of your work to and we will display some on the Summer Painting Days page.

Photo of Eric Stanford

Annual Review

The Annual Review 2019–2020 is in the post on its way to members. Here's the downloadable version:

Annual Review cover 2019-2020
Annual Review
(PDF 6.1MB)




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