Linda Saul

Reflection in Canary Wharf Construction
Mixed media
54 x 60cm
Pendeen Clifftop
Mixed media
59 x 61cm
Battersea Dance
Mixed media
69 x 65cm
Fisherman's Hut, Priest's Cove
Mixed media
50 x 57cm

My themes are the interaction of the elements with the built environment, the structural geometric forms of buildings, the passage of time – decay, weathering, adaptation, repair or ruin.

Having spent my early years living on an island, I retain my love of the coast and my work features landmarks such as lighthouses and harbours. Currently landlocked in Berkshire, I find myself looking inland and to London for inspiration, exploring the collage of textures that is the city as modern structures engulf the architecture of previous centuries.

Instagram: @linda.m.saul

Linda Saul


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