Mohan Banerji

Blue bold brush marks
Blue Lagoon
Mixed Media
15 x 20cm
Ripe yellow pears
A Trio of Pears
30 x 15cm
Looks like an abstract landscape
Lockdown Blues #2
Mixed media
20 x 20cm
Atmospheric winter woodland
Magical Forest
Acrylic inks
22 x 20cm

I first picked up a sketch pen or a brush in 2016! I now am an avid urban sketcher and a self-taught artist (albeit with a few workshops thrown in). I love to record what I see, trying to capture a sense of place and time, drawing and painting where I live and where I travel to. Pen and ink, watercolours, acrylics, pastels and mixed media are what I love. Not having had the benefit of a formal art education, my work doesn't have a 'style'. I love to explore and experiment: mediums and subject matter vary, but the thread that weaves through it all is my love of lines, textures and colours.

I have had work published and have successfully exhibited at the Wokingham Art Society's Summer Exhibitions, the RGA's Annual Exhibition and the Streatley Art Fair. My work can also be found in homes around the UK, Australia, India and the USA.

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Mohan Banerji


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