Lorna Webber

Abstract angular shapes containing a white horse
Barn With Horse
Acrylic on box canvas
50 x 50cm
Wide landscape with a chalk horse
Wild Vine Journey
Acrylic on box canvas
50 x 50cm
Abstract blues and reds flowing shapes
The Path Home
Acrylic on box canvas
50 x 50cm
Tree reflection
Acrylic on board
61 x 76cm

The RGA was shocked to hear the very sad news that Lorna passed away on Saturday night 31st July 2021 at home. Our condolences go to her husband and family. They are planning to hold a memorial at a later date. Lorna will be greatly missed.


I came to art in mid-life and developed my practice through years of experimentation, with guidance from some outstanding tutors including Sarah Holliday RWS, David Howell PPRSMA and Ron Bowen, Emeritus Professor of Drawing (Slade).

Much of my work has been about 'forms emerging out of colour'. I delight in pulling meaning and figurative elements from semi-random colour fields. My science background informs this kind of puzzle-solving. I use mainly acrylics, which facilitate a process of evolution to occur in multiple layers of transparent and opaque paint.

Most recently, I am inspired by images of landscapes with natural and manmade structures. I try to interpret the shapes and colours into a Tao-like flow that is obliquely representational, while emphasising the connection between these elements. Barbara Rae, Paul Klee, Georgia O'Keeffe, Dan Perfect and Jean Noble are all influences.

I live and work in Purley on Thames.

Lorna Webber (Vipond)


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