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ARTIST: Charles Burns

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Internal Landscape II: Watch Folly
Oil on canvas
76 x 102cm

Internal Landscape III: Crowsley Park
Oil on canvas
76 x 102cm




Internal Landscape VI: Lady’s Shaw
Oil on canvas
76 x 102cm

Internal Landscape VII: Crowsley Park
Oil on canvas
76 x 102cm


Artist's statement:

For many years I have earned my living as a silhouettist. I began cutting silhouettes while working as a street portrait artist in London’s Covent Garden, where I worked for about twelve years after graduating from art college. I then embarking on a career as an artist/entertainer, working in corporate events.

Silhouettes have led me on a strange journey. Although my first interest was in painting and my degree in Fine Art -–I have found myself variously described as an entertainer, author, art historian, collector, film presenter, lecturer and speaker. All thee are entirely due to my skill with a pair of scissors, and my growing obsession with the silhouette. Lately. I feel that this journey is taking me full circle, back into the world of painting and graphic arts. These latest works are a combination of landscape and portrait, with the silhouette acting as a frame for the image. Some have described them as like looking through a keyhole. I feel these represent the start of a new body of work for me and am excited to see where they lead.

Tel: 0118 947 6637
Address: Mays Barn Studio, Emmer Green, Reading RG4 8UA
Website: www.roving-artist.com/category/drawing-painting







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