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ARTIST: Sadie Brockbank MRBS

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Bronze Resin
101 x 55 x 30cm

Life Ark
Mixed media
17 x 26 x 9 cm




Forest Deer
Mixed media
90 x 108 x 34cm

Red Bridge
Mixed media
42 x 46 x 8cm


Life Ark Mixed media (paper pulp over wire and wood armature - finish: acrylic and oil paint plus museum wax)

Forest Deer Mixed media (paper pulp over steel, wire and wood armature - finish: acrylic and oil paint plus museum wax)

Red Bridge Mixed media (papier-mâché over wood and wire armature - finish: acrylic and museum wax


Artist's statement:

I make figurative sculptures in a narrative, mythical style using a mix of animal and human imagery. Central to my practice is an exploration of how we co-operate with and inter-depend upon the natural elements in the world around us.

I am very inspired by ancient art, its directness and simplicity. I find animal imagery really helpful because their forms and postures strongly lend themselves to portraying mood and feeling. Their bodies speak to us. With the addition of human elements this can be a powerful communicator.

I work with bronze, bronze resin and mixed media, including papier-mâché, paper pulp, fabric and stitch, paint and collage. Moving between different mediums helps me to maintain a feeling of discovery and immediacy.

I graduated from Falmouth School of Art in 1987, and am a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.








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